About The Magic Man

There is something about me just like there is something about you. But the universal truth is… it’s always about “The Magic”.

I’m known to be the dependable guy.. or the fixer upper guy.. or the one who gets things done.. simply because I’m always there and because I can. (God willing)

I’m known by my friends as Iffi.. And a few call me by my real name ‘Iftikhar’. I’m not the best person in the world nor am I the most enlightened and I’m certainly not perfect but I am who I am and I’m fine with my self. What and who I am is almost a complete mystery to most, simply because almost everyone falls in the category of confused. 10 points for trying thou. And a -11 for not getting it right. Don’t worry, it’s a good thing…

They say that if you know everything there is to know about someone then there is nothing left to explore or simply put, it’s not as interesting as it was before. That’s why I’m constantly changing, evolving, revolving, inventing, reinventing, and expanding my horizon into something different. I’m never really the same person you saw a year ago or met a month ago. Yet, I’m always the same.

I see this world as an illusion. And I’m The Magic Man. Sometimes I write about the world I see. Sometimes I just show you what I see. And sometimes I show you what you haven’t seen before.

For now you can see me. And now I’ll show you something new. Just look at the corner of your eye. Past the illusion of your world. Past the confusion. There it is. The Magic… that never was.