I Almost Got Crushed Under A Truck

When I woke up this morning to get to work, for some reason, I wasn’t expecting to be dealing with a life or death situation. Nor did I expect that I would encounter the utter stupidity of ignorant drivers who clearly can’t be bothered to let someone save their own life.

When I was getting off work today and taking out my car from the parking lot, a truck decided to make a turn at one of the stop signs where I had just stopped. Since I was their first on a first stop first leave (All way stop sign) by ‘right of way’ I was suppose to take off first. Giving the benefit of a doubt to the truck driver for not noticing that I had stopped first on the stop sign of this single lane road, the truck driver decided to turn before I could move my car out of the way. Well. There is nothing new about a truck stopping at a ‘stop sign’ and turning left or right, but since the driver decided to make a left turn on a single lane road and since I was in the right lane pretty close to where the truck was turning, the driver didn’t notice the fact that his rear wheels where headed pretty much where I had my car stopped. If it wasn’t for some predictive thinking and reversing my car at least 6 feet, I would have been under the rear wheels of that truck in a matter of seconds.

Nothing happened to me as the truck passed by with just a couple of inches worth of gap between my car and his truck but that’s not the whole story. The screwed up part of this whole experience was that the guy in the car behind me, didn’t wanted to move from his spot that was maybe about 7 feet from me and could clearly see that I was in trouble because the truck driver wasn’t stopping OR slowing down. The idiot behind me, even thou could see that the truck is turning at a very narrow angle, didn’t wanted to give me the room to back up my car and save my life. I can understand that the truck driver probably couldn’t predict where his rear wheels were going to be or was relatively a new driver, but what the hell is wrong with people like the one behind me, who could clearly see that I’m in a life or death situation here, and don’t want to move their 95 Toyota Tercel to give me the room to get out of harm’s way.

Are these people so ignorant that they can’t see what’s right in front of them (A ridiculously large 18 wheeler truck) or are they too damn stupid to understand why someone would be backing up their car when a truck is turning right in front of them. The driver behind me didn’t just stay put and not move his car, he started honking his horn at me because I was moving my car out of the way of a several ton 18 wheeler truck. And he didn’t stop honking and showing off his blatant and mind numbing stupidity, he kept at it even when the truck was gone and I started to move forward. I wanted to get out of my car, drag his ass in front of the damn truck and let him figure out what he was suppose to do. If the truck driver had gone over my car, there was very little chance that I would have survived. And people, like the driver behind me, would have just drove around the wreck of my car to avoid talking to the police to explain what happened.

People need to be more observant when they are on the freakin’ road. You can’t just ignore your surroundings when you’re driving a car. Driving is a privilege and not a God given right. If you don’t have what it takes to quickly observe your surroundings and react accordingly, you don’t belong on the road and should certainly not possess a driver’s license. You have no right to risk the lives of others by being stupid and ignorant. Anyone who reads this and disagrees with me, you’re not suppose to drive. It’s plain and simple. Anyone who reads this and agrees with me, make sure you look out for idiots like these and stay clear. Because they can easily risk YOUR LIFE without understanding what they are doing. Or they could just be ass holes on the road who just don’t care. That’s all I have to stay about that. I’m just thankful and counting my blessings today. But if the guy behind me had not been about 7 feet away from me, well… It wouldn’t have been a pretty picture.