I Can Touch The Ebooks Now

I’ve been thinking about getting a Kindle device for the last year or so and the only reason I was putting it off was because it wasn’t touch screen. I don’t have that excuse anymore.

The new Kindle touch screen is quite an achievement for Amazon and even thou it’s not really a tablet, I’m pretty sure there are going to be some newer touch screen models out in the next 6 months or so (besides the kindle fire tablet). And if I keep waiting for the newer one, I’ll never come around to getting the thing.

The main reason why I want a Kindle device in the first place is the fact that I can read my books on a simple and light weight device without the need to drag a truck load of books with me when I hit the bed or travel or sit in my home library. I can just browse through what I want and simply pick what I want to read. I don’t have to go to a book store or wait for the delivery guy. I can get the book I want with a simple touch on the screen. And mostly at a fraction of the cost. Above all, the free cloud service from Amazon has just made it much easier for readers like me to get the books I want to read, download it when I want to read it, put it away or delete it when I’m done with it and have access to it 24/7 without actually getting rid of the stuff they’ve already paid for. Quite simply put, if I’m done reading a book and want to remove it from the device to make room for a new one, I just have to delete it from my device. I can always download it again from the Amazon Cloud if I want to read it again. And since there is room for more than 3000 books on one device, I doubt I would ever really have to do remove it from my Kindle device. So, in other words, I never really lose any of my precious books. Best part, I won’t be lending a book to a friend who just won’t return it.

The other thing that has caught my attention and, quite possibly will be a huge selling point for the new line up, is the price of the devices. For under 150 bucks I can get my kindle touch (wifi) and start reading books priced from 0.99 cents and up. And who could argue with Free Classics (one of my favorite feature from amazon). Most people would argue that a paper based book has its own feel and simply cannot be replaced by an ebook. And they would be right. But I’m not going for replacing my books. I’m going for easier access. At the moment, I don’t even own a kindle device but I already have quite a few books on my PC thanks to Kindle for PC. And I’ve managed to download quite a few free classics. And all of these books are available to me on Amazon Cloud. This makes it easy for me to just turn on the device and start reading my books without worrying about paying again for some of the books I already own or worrying about losing them for good to some friend who won’t return them or losing them when I’m traveling.

It has been in talks for a while now but, at the moment, I’m not sure if they have enabled borrowing books from local library here in Canada. Since I borrow quite a few books from the Library on a monthly basis, I do hope this feature will be available to Amazon’s Canadian Consumers.

For now, the idea itself is impressive and the desire to make my life simpler by owning a Kindle device is pretty strong. I will be the next customer for Amazon…. Well… Maybe after reading a few reviews first. 😉

The Magic Man