Google’s Chrome is Translating Everything

If you’re anything like me and like reading blogs or checking out websites on variety of subjects, from people spread out across the globe, then you’ll love this feature from Google Chrome.

If you’re a Google Chrome user than it is possible that this is an old news to you or maybe not a lot of people know about this, but google’s auto translate web page feature, integrated into Google Chrome web browser, hasn’t created much of a buzz in the news as it should. Google’s auto page translator is probably the next step toward simplifying global web browsing and internet communication. Even thou this feature still needs refinement, it allows the reader to translate an entire page into the language of their choice, making the web page accessible to everyone who wasn’t able to read the foreign language. For example, if I stumble upon a blog or a website that’s written in Portuguese, a small pop up above the page will appear with an offer to translate the web page into the language of my choice. And the best part is that you have the option to permanently store those settings and the next time you use Google chrome to browse a Portuguese site, it will remember what choice you made. And the next page that appears in Portuguese will automatically get translated into your preferred language (English, in my case) without you constantly pushing the translate button on top of the page.

As far as the accuracy of the translation goes, google has done a great deal of work to improve upon capturing the flow and essence of the languages and it’s context but the internet giant is still a bit off and is currently working on further improvements to make it even more readable than what it is today. Beside a great deal of improvements, the contexts of the words in a sentence, translated from one language into another, is still in need of work and probably will require another year or two before it becomes perfect for anyone who uses it. It is, however, much better than the old google translate tool that has been working as a word-for-word translation without the proper flow of the context.

I’m not a language expert and there are only a few languages that I speak fluently plus I’ve picked up a few word here and there from different languages, but that does not stop me from peaking into a point of view from a person sitting thousands of miles away in a different country, writing in a different language, representing a different view.

If you’ve ever had a chance to visit a blog using google’s blogger service, then you have to press the ‘next blog’ button on top of the page to explore some of the blogs that are currently dependent on google’s blogger service and once you start browsing and discovering new blogs from people all over the world in all sorts of languages, the auto translate feature will become available to you, the moment you stumble upon a blog written in a different language, ready to help you read the articles and blog entries you never had a chance to read before. And knowing the fact that I’m not restricted anymore by my limited knowledge of foreign languages, makes me feel much more appreciative of the technological advancements we are seeing in our life time.

I’m looking forward to the further refinements coming from google on the auto translator, among some of the other feature that mightt become available to us in the next couple of years. Especially when I see that google is definitely on the right track in making. And just because it isn’t a paid service, I can see how most people will look forward to using Google Chrome for their browsing needs.

As a frequent Chrome user and a blogger/reader, I’m looking forward to the next step google will take to make it a much better experience for the web surfers.

The Magic Man