Is Caffeine Killing You?

We all love coffee don’t we? I do! But how much coffee is enough before it kills me?

According to the medical doctors and researchers, no one should be consuming more than 300 milligrams of caffeine. Which is a total or 3 medium cups of coffee. So. If you’re drinking more than 3 medium cups, you’re consuming more than 300 milligrams of caffeine which could potentially damage your system.

Now, granted, there are quite a few researchers who would tell you that caffeine is not that bad and in fact it could be good for mental alertness and what not AND it will not harm people if they aren’t allergic to caffeine. They would be right in saying so, IF… Everyone was consuming below the recommended doze. And now the real question comes out. Out of all the people who consume caffeine enriched products (including myself), how many of us are actually aware of the limitations and side effects of over doze? (Beside the fact that it is addictive?) The numbers is below 0.1%. And out of all the companies who sell products with caffeine, how many are actually informing their customers of the potential health risk involving over consumption of their products? Possibly 0%. Simply because no company likes to promote the idea of potential health risks related to their products. That kind of negative publicity will drive away a substantial amount of revenue that is being made from caffeine enriched commodities. That is why a great deal of money is spent in advertising to gain new customers and a ton of cash flows into the researches that show some benefits of caffeine consumption.

There is no system available for the consumer to track their consumption of goods and monitor what is actually being pumped in their body. And no one will tell you unless you take down a pen and paper to write down everything you’ve consumed in a day and are aware of it’s nutritional contents. Here’s the thing. When you buy a cup of coffee, the retailer isn’t going to ask you how much you’ve consumed already or if you have any problematic symptoms or side effects. That can destroy the sales for the shop and most likely drive away the customer for good. On the other hand, if you go to a bar, already drunk, OR if you’ve consumed a great deal of alcohol already and want more, the bar tender can cut you off if they believe you’ve had enough. It is required by law and is a responsible thing to do. The thing to think about is WHY do we not have the same system in placed for other harmful products? Is getting too drunk and passing out worse than developing a heart condition or a kidney problem or a liver failure? We don’t have the personal health monitoring system for 2 reasons. Number 1: Big companies that sell these commodities do not want you to monitor everything because it can will take its toll on their revenue. Number 2: YOU don’t want ‘others’ to monitor everything you’re consuming because that (in some sense) takes away you’re freedom to choose and your privacy.

No one should tell you what to eat or drink and how much you should consume. Quite simply because no one can. But the world would be filled with much more healthier and informed people if the big companies simply informed us consumers what CAN happen when we go over board. After that, it’s the consumers choice. Take it or leave it.

I don’t think I’m going to cover all of different researches that have been done on the subject. That will take way too long for me to write it all down and for you to read it all in one sitting but if you’re really interested in finding out more, OR if you’re one of those people who consume a lot of caffeine, then simply Google the information. For more details. Type: “recommended caffeine per day” and “side effects of caffeine” And that should give you plenty of information about what caffeine does to the human body.

The Magic Man