Review: ThunderCats Version 2.0

As a child, Thunder Cats was use to be one of my favorite shows beside Transformers, Superman, Batman and Tom & Jerry (yeah.. I know). The idea of a collection of powerful humanoid Cats with super human and unique abilities and a Thunder Tanks that could level an small city in minutes was exciting enough to lock us down in front of the TV. I remember playing with a home made wooden sword, pretending it to be the Sword of Omens, imagining it to be as powerful as the original and declaring a battle with the other kids with their own wooden swords. It was an incredible period of my life. And then came the time when they stopped making ThunderCats after season 4. And the story of the Cat people (as I use to think, they were) was off the air.


Back then, there were use to be rumors of a animated Thunder Cats movie which got us kids excited but after waiting a long time I realized that it would never come out. Years later they started talking about the chance that the Thunder Cats will return to the big screen with a pretty big cast but nothing happened. And slowly we grew out of it. Back then, we didn’t know anything about IMDB.COM or the world of internet, so there was no other way to confirm any of the rumors. All we could do was speculate. Eventually we realized there was no such luck for the fans. As the time passed by, all the rumors were proven to be nothing but just rumors and we moved on to other things. Yet in the corner of my mind I always had a lingering question. What if…

And then came the year 2011, The year, holding many noticeable events under it’s belt, brought life to Thunder Cats version 2.0. Along with it came the long lost excitement of a once and future fan.

The story starts out good with a bit of a twist. It’s covering a lot of details that were not included in the first version of Thunder Cats and the writers have added quite a few additions to the plot that are completely different compared to the first version.

In this version of Thunder Cats, the writers have taken a different approach and made the story a bit more interesting and tailored it more towards the younger fans of ThunderCats. The story starts out where young Lion-O is still a teenager who is obsessed with the world beyond the walls of Thundera and has been neglecting his training and duties as a Prince and Future king of ThunderCats. While his father is trying to train him to be the next king of Thundera, Lion-O is constantly competing with Tigra to prove his worth and claim to the crown. And before he has had a chance to understand what his father is trying to teach him, he is confronted with the villian of the story. The all powerful Mumm-Ra. After watching his father getting killed by the sword of his mortal enemy and then losing his Kingdom in a surprise attack by the Reptilians (lead my Mumm-Ra), Lion-O, along with the rest of the gang, is wandering the dangerous wilderness of his planet to find the only thing that can defeat their mortal enemy, the ‘Book of Omens’.

In this version, technology is nothing but a myth from the old days and is not used or even understood by the residence of Thundera. Any gadgets, found scattered through out the wilderness, have no value to their people. Unlike the previous version in which all the characters were pretty well versed in their tech and Thunder Cats were far superior in technology then their enemy, The Reptilians. In the new story line, Thunder Cats can barely operate a laser gun.

In Version 2.0, Mumm-Ra has taken over their kingdom by force and is after the ‘Sword of Omens’ to get a limitless power that can destroy any and everything. And backing him up is an army of reptilians who have no mercy for the Cat kind. The Thunder Cats have no choice but to incorporate the new found magic of reptilian technology into their lives and have embarked on a mission to find ‘The Book of Omens’ to defeat their enemy.

There also seems to be a bit of a chemistry going on between Lion-O and Chitara which suggest a possible pairing of the two as a couple, however, it is too early to tell what the writers have in mind for these two characters. And among the biggest changes, Snarf does not have the ability to talk; a bit of a disappointment but I guess I can live with that.

Since it’s the very beginning of the series, there isn’t much to predict of how many other changes will come into effect but so far, it hasn’t been a disappointing experience. How their journey will end is up to the writers, as there have only been six episodes aired so far, but I’m looking forward to watching this show. As far as any of the old fans of the show are concerned, I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t object to version 2.0. After all, we’ve been waiting a very long time for this.

The Magic Man