My Weight Loss

There are a great number of people around me who are constantly asking me to give them my secret to losing 65 pounds in less than a year. And I’ve had great many conversations with a lot of them talking about our day to day food and the nutritional value of what we are putting in our bodies. However, a conversation never seems to be enough for most people. And I’ve never been able to answer all the questions.

Among a majority of people that I meet every day, there is a sizable group who either keep forgetting what I’ve shared with them, explained to them and demonstrated right in front of them. Or they fall behind when it comes to the right amount of motivation they need to commit to losing extra pounds of fat. And then there are those who make minor changes to start the process and then after a few weeks, start seeing results. All in all, majority of them have been asking me to compile a book of my research and my experience of the subject of nutrition and fat loss. And right now I’m wondering if it actually is a good idea to write a book about my journey on the path of healthy weight loss. I mean should I? There thousands of books out there talking about the same subject. Maybe I should just recommend some books that helped me understand how to proceed and continue.

I guess I’ll have to think about it. Writing a book is a long and frustrating process. Recommending books might be an easier way to go.

The Magic Man