iPhone5 or iOS5

There is a lot of speculation about an upcoming (unconfirmed) iPhone5 and fans of iDevices are jumping up and down with excitement. It is believed to be the best that Apple will offer in October 2011. Well iFans, sorry to disappoint you but iPhone5 is not scheduled to release any time soon.

A great deal of people are confusing the release of iOS5, the new operating system for all iDevices, with the rumoured release of iPhone5. iOS5 has been scheduled to release sometime in september and this update will greatly enhance the user experience by fixing a few things in the previous versions and adding a few bells and whistles to the existing iOS platform. There is no doubt that iFans are going to love this iOS. On top of everything else, this release should guarantee an increase in Apple’s quarterly sales. And… if Apple can already profit a great deal by introducing the iOS5 for iDevices, what would be the point of releasing a brand nee iPhone5. Wouldn’t the new iPhone pretty much kill the market for iPhone4?

Apple has always played it smart when it comes to releasing their products. They are always coming out with iDevices just at the right time and make a huge profit by dominating the market. Just look at iPad for example. IPhone4 has definitely become one of the best selling smartphones of all time and just when they’ve introduced iDevices in markets like China and India, where the device is selling like hot noodles, It wouldn’t make sense for them to take away the spot light from iPhone4 and start releasing iPhone5.

So. To sum it all up, this September, the new release from Apple isn’t the iPhone5 but the iOS5. And all you really need to do is go to apple’s website and find out for your self.

The Magic Man