To see the “Me” I want to see

I’ve been trying to lose these extra pounds for a long while now and quite frankly, I’ve been yo-yoing from high to low and then back for better part a decade. The only reason i couldn’t do it before is because i lacked the right information and knowledge of how to actually do it. Over the last 3 months, I’ve been reading up as much as i can about nutrition and the role of food in my body and how exercises work for your body. So far it’s been helping me out big time. This year, so far, it’s been hard for me, with a few ups and downs and some mistakes here and there. And after a major learning curve and lots of corrections in my weight loss plan, I’ve managed to lose 30 pounds!!! My goal is to reduce my weight by another 40 pounds by mid November.

I’ve actually never considered some of the things that I’m doing right to lose the extra weight. I never considered what I was eating could be harming my body. I just kept eating whatever tasted good and that result in a pretty high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels and a gain in bad weight by 75 pounds. but it seems like “motivation” is the key to success in my case. My fiancé has been a great help when it comes to keeping myself motivated. i don’t know how i would have done this without her. So a special thanks goes to my girl Benish for keeping me on the track and motivating me when I need it the most.

My goal is to lose another 40 pounds in the next 6 months. I know that it’s not really an impossible task and many people have lost a lot more than that in a lot less time but I’m keeping myself realistic. I know my body and I know what i can do with it. The only thing i really have to focus on is eating the right things. Healthy diet and exercise is the key to losing the unwanted fat and gaining the desired muscle mass. And that’s exactly what I’m doing. I’m not entirely sure what I’m going to look like by November but the goal is to look better than ever before. After all… my wedding is in November and I intend on looking good for the pictures… Open-mouthed smile To each his own.

Just in case you’re wondering, guys DO want to look good in their wedding pictures. You marry a beautiful woman and you want to look like you deserve to be by her side. That’s how I see it. It’s a couples thing I guess. Smile

Anyway… I was feeling great about finally losing 30 pounds so I thought i drop a little something here. Hours and Hours of research and determination to live healthy has finally paid off in a big way. I’ll post before and after pictures once I lose another 20 pounds and that, most likely, will be in August. For now, I’m going to keep myself motivated and continue to see the “Me” i want to see in our wedding pictures.