Another Way of Doing Things

With the spring season at 002my door step, I thought about doing some spring cleaning. While that is always “FUN”… I thought about my poor little blog. I promised it so much and didn’t really live up to it. I think my Blog is mad at me. So… I”m attempting to make some changes in my own habits and testing a few things I haven’t tried before. A friend of mine suggested that I should try windows Live Write. He swears by it and says it’s the easiest way for him to blog. If Windows Live Write is a simpler or better way for me to use my laptop for blogging then I guess it wouldn’t be a bad idea. As I write these words I’m attempting to use this software and see if it actually lives up to its hype. I’m not entirely sure if I’ll be too impressed to not think of any other way of blogging but I guess it doesn’t hurt to listen to my friends, once in a while… Well… sometimes it does.. 😉

And now… I guess it’s time to hit the “publish” button. *closing my eyes and hitting the button with crossed fingers*