On Time?? Not In Your Life Time.

Is there a genetic defect in women that prevents them to be on time any where? When they’re going somewhere or coming from some where, there’s always an excuse and for a man, it’s always (mostly) never a good one.

I’m using my mom and my sisters as an example here… It doesn’t matter how many times I’m picking them up from work or waiting for them in the car to drop them off somewhere, I’m always waiting somewhere from 10 to maybe 20 minutes before they make up their minds and show up. And if I try compensating for that gap in time then I end up getting an ear full because apparently I’m the one who is making them late.

I know that there is no such thing as Late-Gene but com’on women. It’s getting to the point where people are starting to believe that it’s true. I’m somewhat convinced think it is genetic or i might be completely off and it’s an intentional act by women to piss men off. It’s a risk talking about this because now I’m gonna be hearing from the feminist groups about this but who i kinda don’t care about.

Bottom line;  Please be on time at least a few times if not all the time.