It Was An Experience

I finally used Skype. Unfortunately it wasn’t to speak to my wife to be. It was with her cousin (Kiran). Kiran is her BFF n for some reason girls can’t do without getting an approval from their BFFs about guys. So… I spoke with her.

It wasn’t an easy task. I had to, first, fix the webcam on my laptop which was broken for months. I probably killed the warranty on the laptop but at least now I have a working web cam and doesn’t blur out the picture or show that stupid black spot right in the center. Second thing I had to do is fix the lighting in my room to make sure its not dark and gloomy. I had to fix a few fixtures and then go and get me a new lamp. Luckily, Wamart has some pretty generic floor lamps at their super stores. I got a decent one and it didn’t cost me a fortune.

After I fixed the lighting, I had to play around with the web cam’s settings to make sure that it works with the whole thing. And after playing around for about an hour till I got the whole thing to work for me.

And then last but not the least, I had to wait till Kiran came online. It certainly was an experience. But I’m glad it is taken care of and now I can talk to my wife-to-be with out having to spend a fortune in long distance charges.
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