Good Advice: One Thing At A Time

When I was a kid, we were use to have this thing. Every time when I thought I was gaining a few extra pounds, I would start using it and boom. within a month or two, I would be good and fit with much more stamina for sports and other activities. I kind of miss that about my current lifestyle. Therefore, I’m thinking of buying me a Rowing Machine. Yeah yeah I know. You`re probably wondering what good would that do. Well… It`s known to be one of the most effective machines when it comes to burning fat. Yeah.. That`s right. I want to burn off those extra calories that I’ve been consuming every day and mostly, it`s turning into fat because I don`t really exercise as much as I`d love to.

Now I’ve been checking out the prices  and that led me to some online stores and what not and then i looked at the prices on these things and man oh man… these things are freakin`expensive. Seriously, just put the words into Google`s search engine and you`ll find out what I mean. A decent one would normally cost somewhere from 600 dollars to a whopping $3000. Now that`s one heck of a price for a machine that`s not going to show me Avatar in 3D on a very large screen.

I haven`t checked out eBay or Kijiji yet but after checking out the prices on regular websites, I`m contemplating whether it would be a good idea to  just getting a second hand machine. Only problem so far with that idea is what guarantee do I have that it`s not going to be a busted machine or something that will break within the 2 months of purchase. Honestly, no guarantees on second hand stuff, none what so ever. But it would be cheaper. Some of my friends are saying that ‘cheaper’ could become expensive if I need to get the damn thing fixed from someone after already paying through the nose for it. And some are suggesting that I should just invest in a brand new machine but something reasonable and not toward the top end pricing (They think I`ll give up on it after maybe a week or so).

So far I`m confused. My mind tells me that I should buy something brand new because my experience tells me, it would be the right choice. At least I can get it fixed under warranty if there in fact is something wrong with it. And if it comes out perfect and with no defects, then I guess I got a long term partner who`s going to help me out big time.

So… I guess I`m going to have to think real hard about the choice I`m going to make here. And I`m certain that once I do purchase this machine, I`m looking at a long time commitment to it. It`s not an easy thing to just spend a few grands and not actually use it.

The other thing that I have to worry about is the space where I need to put this monster. But I guess I should follow the advise of a good friend, Jag, I should worry about one thing at a time.

Yes… I will be taking before and after pictures of myself. That will definitely be an advantage/disadvantage sort of situation because that will for sure give me an idea of what kind of progress (or lack of) it`s actually making. Within 2 months or so… I`ll have some answers.