2nd Birthday with Pictures

Today was my baby sister’s birthday. Not gonna mention how old she is. Let’s just say that she’s 5 years younger than me. Anyway. As usual… We got the nice cake, we got an extra large Pizza (yeah we get pizza for birthdays) and took some pictures. Normally we aren’t use to taking birthday pictures. It’s not like we never took pictures on any event. It’s just one of those things that we don`t do because everyone forgets to print them out. It doesn`t really cost much but no one finds the time for it. It`s not because it’s not that important of an event; It always is. Another big reason is because no one actually remembers to take any pictures. So yeah… This is the 2nd birthday in a row were we were taking pictures.

Most families do it without thinking. It’s a tradition that has sort of become a habit. It`s a superb way to preserve some memories and give everyone the chance to look back at the old days and remember the good times. Every one has excepted this into their lives and it’s because people have established a tradition that we now see so many digital cameras available in the market. Initially we had that same thing. We were use to take snaps of almost every event and almost every time. But then slowly and slowly it started to fade. Things got a bit rough in the family and we stopped doing things the way were use to.

It took a long time before we started celebrating birthdays together and took a while before we actually started to enjoy it. I wouldn’t dare say that it’s perfect right now but at least we’re getting there. I’m hopeful that in the next couple of years it will all change and work out for the best. Hopefully sooner than later.

Most people claim that they don’t like the idea spending time with the family on holidays, thanksgivings, Christmas, Easters, Halloween, what have you.. I’m never surprised to hear that and I understand what it means to them. There  comes a point in everyone’s life when people really don’t care for the family not because everyone in the family is cruel evil monsters that have crawled out of hell to torment the rest of the earth till eternity especially them. No… that’s not the reason… it’s because people stop caring about each others for one reason or another and then they trying to justify how things are and should be. I mean come on, do I really need to explain how families are and what happens when everyone’s gathered at one place after a while and then all hell breaks lose when some idiot decides to start the one conversation that everyone wasn’t planning on having.

In my family, I know for a fact that if everyone gathered at one place, there will be hell on earth for us because someone will start something. Now, I’ve been working on this family for years and I’m hoping that things would change with us. I’m glad to say that, to some degree, it’s finally paying off.

Like I said, this would be the 2nd birthday in a row with pictures. To some that might not be a great deal but to me that is a huge deal. I`m not posting those pictures here but they will be part of my family album. I`m hoping that it`s just the beginning and that we’re on a good start. Well… we gotta start somewhere…