>Don’t Wanna Jinks It.

>I’ve been going through different blogs and what not to get maybe some ideas for the redesign I’m thinking of for my own blog. Looks like it would probably be a better idea for me to come up with something original of my own, considering the fact that nothing I’ve seen so far kinda speaks to me. I’m gonna have to relearn photoshop I guess. But that’s not really a biggie. it’s like riding a bike. (did I ever tell you I don’t remember how to ride a bike anymore? Did I?)

I’m still going somewhere, in case someone’s wondering. I just have to finish off the bathroom project and then I’m off . All I really need is ………….. and to finish ……………… before I can get ready to …………. and then I’m good to go.

I’ll update later on about the plans. Right now I’m keeping everything somewhat secret. Don’t wanna jinks it.