>Still Working On The Bathroom


I stayed home today. I tried getting up and going to work but I was way too tired to bother. Even thou I could have gone to work if I had only gotten out of bed when I was suppose to, I think one day isn’t going to make that much of trouble for me at work unless my boss is reading my blog. In that case, hey Jag (saying it awkwardly). 
I think I should start working on today’s agenda. I still have to I have to start cleaning up the bathroom walls. I got to give them a nice scrubbing and make them ready for painting. I’ll have to clean it up good… just to make sure that it’s not going to be a problem when I’m painting those walls. If I just properly scrub the damn things and clean up every nook and cranny I shouldn’t have any problems with paint.
I’m somewhat still unsure as to what color paint I should pick. I’m thinking of Sky Blue but not entirely sure as to which one I should get. There is always a variety of colors to pick from and I want to make sure that don’t end up regretting it. Because if I end up buying the right amount of paint and then turns out that I have to go back and change the buckets. My wife-to-be is suggesting that I should try oil paint for the bathroom walls. Her logic is that the walls are going to grab moisture when someone’s taking a shower in the closed bathroom. It’s going to start ripping up or coming off the walls. And if that happens then I’ll and doing the paint again. I don’t think I want to keep painting the damn walls every 3 months. The amount of work that I’ll have to put in to paint the damn thing is excruciating. I’ll have to take off everything again and that’s not something I’m looking forward to. Wife-to-be is right about this. So now I’m thinking if I should listen to her or should I consult one of the experts at the hardware store. An expert might have a solution that isn’t going to require me spending a great deal of money on paint.
I know that I’ve been talking about it for a few days now but this is definitely a lengthy process. Making a bathroom a perfect one does take a bit of time. Not to mention it adds a great deal of value to the house.
My friend Sanna thinks this is in preparation for the wedding. Well it is. As I have said before, I want to make it a woman friendly bathroom instead of leaving it like a man-cave it is. And that’s also the main reason why it’s taking me longer than usual to make a decision about the paint. It’s the choice of my wife-to-be and she’s picky.
Anyway, I’m off to the hardware store.