Mostly, its an Effort

I’ve been trying to figure out how to send my blog update to my friends without emailing it to then individually. So far, I don’t have an answer for this puzzle. And yes! I do know mass email is one of the features in pretty much every single email provider on the web. That’s not what I’m looking for.. So don’t give me that particular idea.

I guess first I need to explain the reason for this need.

I’m restarting something I gave up a while ago. Pretty much all my friends were use to be here on this blog. Reading about what’s been happening in my life and pretty much all of them had something to say about it. But… Ever since I stopped blogging (barely any new entry in months) they seem to have disappeared. I’m not gonna say I’m not guilty here but still… I wouldn’t want to lose those friends. So…. I’m restarting the blog.

I’m going to leave the old entries here but there will be frequent updates from now on. That’s not really a promise… Mostly, its an effort. Let’s see if I can find you guys here again.

if you guys are still visiting my blog.. Then let me know… I wouldn’t mind some friendly faces.
Respect | Love | Peace