>Inspire Even The Least Interested

>A few minutes ago, I was talking to my wife-to-be. We can sometimes talk for hours and not feel the passage of time. One thing is for sure. It is pretty expensive to make calls to Pakistan. But I guess I don’t really have a choice but to pay a crazy amount on a monthly bases. Its better than paying the Madman.
Why is it that there isn’t any company that can offer an unlimited plan? I mean there is a plan for India n Philippines n even Bangladesh. But nothing for Pakistan. And do you know why that is? Zardari. Mr. President of Pakistan. Thanks to him, the only company that tried was Mobilicity. But then zardari asked for his cut and there you go. The company had to cancel the plan because #Zardari wants to get paid on every single deal that has something to do with Pakistan.

A flood that impacted 20 million Pakistani people. And all the money that has been given to Pakistan as AID is going directly into Zardari’s pocket.
Billions of dollars of AID and the victims still had to buy water bottles at a higher price than what you would find at a regular store on any street corner.
And just when the rest of the world stop sending their money for zardari to enjoy, he thought up another way to screw the pooch. Mr. 100% decided to put an extra 300 to 700 rupees on everyone’s electric bill. All in the name of AID. Yeah we all know where that money is gonna end up..
There are plenty of things I can write about the man hell bent on sucking the country dry but it would only be read by those who have no power over the circumstances.
My hope is that these atrocities would end someday and we would find a better Pakistan not just for us but for the next generation that is bound to hate the ones that came before us. The ones that let it all happen without taking a stand to make a change.
I thought this regime only effected the ones who lived in Pakistan but its shadow has reached across the borders of its birth place and now takes its toll on those who keep a connection intact with their home land.
This isn’t a rant because I can’t find a decent plan to make calls to Pakistan so I can talk to my fiancé. This has been boiling up for a long time. I guess the fact that 20 million victims and the populous of an entire country are unwillingly fulfilling the hunger of a madman could inspire even the least interested.
PS. Just in case if you are wondering, I’m definitely not the fan of the so called Pakistani Politics.
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