The unwanted pickle

It seems to me that in somewhat of a pickle. I mean seriously. How hard is it to figure out which phone u wanna buy next and who should be the service provider. But it looks like I'm gonna have to make a decision that could render my current blackberry pretty much useless.

On one hand I'm use to having the very first blackberry touch smart phone (which I'm quite fond of.. Seriously.. Can't put it down). And on the other hand I have blackberry bold 9700 that I can get from Rogers at $550 plus taxes. Now… Normally there isn't a 3rd hand but in my case… Well.. You know me… On the other, other hand, I have the new storm 2.

Here's where I'm having the need to mention the pickle. Storm or the first storm is what I possess and I have never had a reason to hate this phone, especially when there is absolutely nothing wrong with this device (except maybe the WiFi that's missing) and normally I would just keep using it except that this device is set up with Bell Mobility. Even thou it is unlocked now, I'm unable to use my blackberry to access the internet when I'm on Rogers network (which I'm planning to use considering Bell's coverage inside my house simply sucks. Among other places where I need it.) Now, normally that wouldn't be too much of a concern for someone who doesn't care for or feel the need for having data access on their device, but since I can't live without access to information on the web, and I don't intend on paying bell mobility $120 per month. I don't think it would work for me.

Since I'm stuck with this problem of "access denied", I have to buy a device that allows me to use the internet on the Rogers Network. That leaves me with blackberry bold 9700 from Rogers. Now. Here's a device that solves my WiFi problem. Its faster than my Storm. Its lighter. It runs on OS 5.0 and the OS gets updated regularly. Which is really good. The only thing it doesn't have is touch screen. Everything else is perfect about this phone. But the one thing that I really don't want is to NOT have a touchscreen phone. Which is probably the only reason why I still haven't bought this phone yet. And buying this phone means end of my Storm.

The other, other phone is Storm 2. Its the one phone that takes care of absolutely every single thing (if you're going to suggest IPHONE, I'm warning you… Back the hell off!!! I never cared of iphone and I'm not about to start now). The most unfortunate part is that this phone is yet again from Bell Mobility. Which means I end up back in the same boat as I am right now. A phone that I love with the wrong network and a higher monthly bill.

Bell mobility or Telus mobility provides me with CDMA network that simply doesn't cut it for me. I'm serious guys… I don't live in a rural area, I live in Toronto, ON. And this a hugely populated area with millions of people using all sort of providers. Considering the fact that CDMA is a very secure network and might be a reliable network if you're in an area where no one else has had the time to install their GSM tower, with Bell Mobility's CDMA network I've had more dropped calls in an hour than I have had with GSM and EDGE and HSPA and 2G and 3G combined in one year. Now… What does that tell you? Seriously… Need a hint?

Coming back to the original issue. Storm vs 9700 vs Storm 2. Bell vs Rogers. Paying $120 vs $50. Now some of you will say 'save the freakin' money. Some will say buy Storm 2 and use Bell's GSM network. And then some of you will say F*** OFF cuz I bashed the IPHONE. (honestly the phone's just for people who have nothing better to do then playing games and checking out the apple app store for over priced apps that entertain you for a while and then u move on to the next one. Buy a freakin' PSP already or get a better game console)

I haven't made a decision as of yet. So I don't know what I'll be getting. Switching providers is not easy when u have to pay $400+ in cancellation fees. And paying 60 to 70 dollars more every single month. Hmmm… Some how that doesn't sit well with me. Anyway. I'll let u know.

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