Here comes the rant.

This is one of those boring rants and there isn’t much that I wanna yap about into this post. Its been almost 3 days since I’ve been sleeping for not more than 4 hours before heading out to work. Now, normally I would complain a lot about this but then again I have been having a bit of good run at work regarding my sales. Well… Its better than the results I had last months.

With the shift I had and the type of calls I was getting from 4 to midnight, I couldn’t even make it to 60% to target. Which, considering how many people they have let go in the last 2 months, wasn’t much of a motivator. And now that they have changed commission structure and some of the restrictions they have set up to make sure no one’s making any money on their sales, I’m gonna have to try a lot harder.

On a different note, I’ve started taking care of the plants in my front yard. I haven’t done anything remarkable with them as of yet. Only thing I have started doing is watering them. I’m trying to revive some of the dying rose bushes, along with some of the other plants. I’m hoping that once I’ve learned how to take care of the roses, I’ll be introducing some more rose bushes in my front yard. I do have full intention of working on my backyard I just need to start with something small.

If I could ever build enough courage to show you guys the pictures of my backyard, you’ll be screaming at me for such neglect. But hey… That’s not actually my creation. It looks a lot better compared to what it was like when I got it. Ahh Jesus… What a mess that was. I still have to kill off all the weeds. I still need to fix the ground (most likely introduce some dirt and fresh soil there). Clean up the entire backyard and mow the grass and throw out the crap that I don’t even need even for any scrap project.

I’m still finding it hard to even start this little project of mine. I’m going to call it ‘The Backyard Project’ yeah I know, that’s inventive.

I want to start this as soon as a possible but I can only do this a little bit at a time. And that’s not because I know almost nothing about gardening and landscaping. Even if I was a professional, thing isn’t gonna be fixed in one or two days. This will probably take me over 2 weeks of constant work just to clean up and make a layout of what its going to look like. Once it’s cleared of all that isn’t suppose to be there, I’ll start up the actual gardening. I wonder when that will happen.


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