Twitter/Facebook What the ….

I don’t remember the last time I had written something down here. Perhaps i can look it up but then again, who cares about that. I just wanna get some things out of my head so I can come back and say, “What the hell was I thinking.”

It has been an interesting month for me. lots of things have changed. out of all that I should be talking about, I’m only gonna touch one thing. “Twitter”, I didn’t think it would be this addictive. I seriously doubt I’ve ever thought about using this before this month started out. Yes I know. Just like every other idiot I signed up for it last year and then didn’t bother to update it at all (Most people did the exact same thing). But then came out, Twitter for Blackberry. Now.. I’m not a fan of the newest gadget in town, Oh wait.. I am. But that’s not the point. Wait. Let me start again… RIM has been talking about Twitter for Blackberry for months and then it finally came out. so.. like everyone else, I downloaded the app on my BB and started playing around with it. Which made me realize, UberTwitter was a better app. And I’ve had it on my Storm for about 11 months but never used it. Now isn’t that funny? I mean seriously. Who would have thought that using one Application that I’ve been waiting for will lead me back to the one that I didn’t like the first time around. Hmmm… I don’t know about you but I think that’s pretty interesting.

Now. Using that same philosophy, if I try and go back to things or people that I left out of my life because I found something or someone better. Now that would be a total disaster. I’m talking about Nuclear Meltdown level catastrophe here. I don’t wanna do that and I sure hope you’re not getting that idea out of all of this. I mean think about it. There WERE and possibly ARE reasons for what you did back then so don’t second guess you’re self here. I’m just talking about a BB App. nothing more.

Anyway, point is. I’m loving this twitter thing… yeah I might be about 2 years late to get to the table but hey, I’m having fun with it.

Now the next thing that I’m thinking about is the NEW Facebook with all sorts of games and farmville and fishville and Mafia Wars. I mean seriously… I thought the thing was suppose to be a ‘common ground’ for family and friend to come together and share things online and stay in touch when it’s harder to do so face to face. When the hell did it become a cheap replacement for PlayStation 3? Now don’t get me wrong. I love my cows and fishes on Farmville and Fishville. But still. I find myself going to FB for only that purpose now. I don’t talk to friends anymore, I don’t reach out to the family any more. I mean I’m not doing anything even remotely close to what I was use to do when I first joined this site. So… should I just deactivate my account and forget the damn thing ever existed? NO! I’m not gonna do that. Why would I, I don’t want my crops to die out on me… I’m just asking… Am I stuck with the NEW FB for good. or is it coming back? So far… no clues.. only guesses… and these guesses don’t favor the damn thing..