Nothing but the truth.

A customer called about his mobile phone price plan.

Customer: Why am I paying 90+change for my mobile phones. I have a $65 family plan on 2 phones and a value plan for $12 on it for voice mail and call display and then $3 for SMS on my wife’s phone. You people think you can rob us customers blind and no one’s the wiser. Naaa! I’m ON to you ass holes. you guys are ripping me off. you Big Companies are all alike. You got nothing better to do than to rob us normal folk blind! Fuck you Ass Hole!

ME: so… 65+12+3=$80, that’s how much you pay. Right? And I’m guessing you pay the taxes on that too. Right?

Customers: yeah. What’s your point Mother Fucker?

Me: I’m just thinking here. $80+tax would be how much again???… Where’s my calculator. Click click click click click. Hmm.. It’s 90+change.

Customer: Oh.

Me: Thanks for calling Rogers. Have a great evening.

“Sent wirelessly from Iffi Iftikhar’s Blackberry”