Canadian long distance plans. What a mouse trap.

I’m really getting frustrated with this whole long distance calling and paying an arm and a leg for it. Every single time I call my fiancé I have to go through bad connections, scratchy sounds, and multiple disconnects. I mean in all seriousness, why can’t the Canadian phone companies come up with better long distance plans that people like me can use.

Don’t get me wrong. Every freakin’ company got some kind of plan but if you value your house and your car and you don’t want them to be taken away from you, you better stay away from them. The rates are so freakin’ that you are left with no other choice but to use calling card companies. Like the one I’m using., whose service is terrible but the rates are affordable.

There are so many people here who call Pakistan but none of them ever uses an L.D. Plans from these major companies because they know what they will end up paying. So they are left with quantity of minutes versus quality of talk time. No one prefers using calling cards but what can you really but accept the monopoly of these telecommunications giants who will not get off their high horses to help out those who work for a living.

I work for one the biggest telecommunication company here in Canada. And being one the employees here I get discounted rates for the services. On my end, I’m suppose to promote my company and be a representation and example for the community. But here’s the rub. Even after the discounts and privileges, l still can’t afford the prices. Now what does that tell you about these international long distance plans that these Canadian carriers are offering.

My fiancé tell me she pays 2 rupees for every 1 minute of talk time. That’s 60 minutes for 120 rupees. Do you know much that is for 1 hour in Canadian dollars? Less than 1.25 dollars. And she gets that without having any special L.D. Plan on her cell phone. In 1.25 dollars I’ll get less than 5 minutes. And that’s on the best available plan with any Canadian telecommunications company. How fucked up is that?

I’m really getting tired of spending crazy amounts of money while companies like bell and Rogers and Telus are creating billions of dollars worth of revenue off of people like me and you who just wants to talk to their loved ones. Think. How preposterous is that?

Needless to say that me ranting about this is not going to bring even a shred of change to those who are profiting from our needs. And it simply doesn’t make me feel any better that I’m not the only one stuck in the same mouse trap.


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