My very first email from my Blackberry

I was playin around with my phone and suddenly I decided to upgrade the applications. And now I’m just checking these new features that I’ve just noticed in this latest upgrade. Blackberry has certainly improved a lot for the storm users. I’m really happy with the upgrades. And I’m hoping this is gonna make things much easier for me so that I can easily work my blackberry storm to its full potential.

Most impressively, this blackberry has become an important asset of mine. Its my personal organizer. Its my task manager. It is my to-do-list keeper and it is my game console and of course it is my communication device . I didn’t realize how good this tiny little machine is going to be for me when I bought it. And now, all I know is that it has certainly become an intricate part of my life and I seriously doubt myself living without it any time soon. This email was long overdue as far as I’m concerned because I’ve had this cell phone for over 4 months now and I think it truly deserves its praise.

Now whether or not you like the idea of using a blackberry to stay on top of your world, its your thinking. I simply love my blackberry storm. No doubts about it.

Thanks for reading the very first real blog entry of mine from my Storm.


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