Price of Freedom, Undefined.

Every man and every woman is worthy of freedom, but it comes with a price tag. We knew that ever since we understood that we exist. But should we completely understand this simplest of truth or should we understand the true price of freedom… now that’s a question worthy of an answer from God himself…

Since the beginning of existence, there have been many civilizations that are now long lost to the passage of time. Every time frame has created a world of its own and then destroyed it. In many of these worlds that have come to a fall, there once were heroes and villains that guided or shaped the things to come. From them some of us learned a thing or two. Mostly what to believe, what to regret, and what to understand.. so that someday we may be the creators of the next world to come.

Freedom comes for the price yet undefined by man. In man’s absolute bliss he would not dare look upon the world and wonder why it is the way it is. Nor will he ever consider to challenge the possibility of another form of existence. From his prospective, there simply is no reason to do so. Whether or not his existence provides a better life for himself or a better world for other, he is happy under his glued and decorated skin. He will look up at the sky and will not wonder why the clouds have formed, so dark and so loud. He will stand there as the air grows thicker by the minute and turns to a ice cold storm of hatred, demanding for the sacrifices drenched in blood. He will stand there without complain and let the razor sharp wind tear his skin apart. He will refuse the idea that it’s not him that should bow down and surrender to this beast that challenges his entire being, to run away or to shield himself. He believes that it is the the winds that must change its direction and leave his perfect paradise as is. And then.. finally as he falls on his knees, defeated without even putting up a fight, he will become the witness of the truest form of freedom. Freedom from greed, freedom from lust, freedom from hunger and freedom from his own bliss. He is God’s most perfect creation. He is Man.

Out of the ruins, Man stood up again. This man is the great inventor, he invented the means to communicate on a global level, to teach each other what man’s history has done for man. He created artificial eyes focused at the heavens to occupy the mind with thoughts that someday we might find some answers not within us but from out there. He created a series of giant towers that rivaled the mountains and then he stood on top of towers to see for himself how small the world is. And then Man invented the greatest and most dangerous toy to play with. Powerful enough to destroy the entire world, and he tagged it “Only to be used if the world is not the way I like it”. But not before he created machines that took role of the story tellers and entertainers. Giving us an imaginary view of the world around us as it has been created over the years. Just so that we wouldn’t look away and realize what true reality looks like. Every day man sees something new on the television about the history of mankind and every day man get a glimpse of things that are yet to come. Everyday man learns of all those millions who died just to provide another means for man’s mental evolution. And every day man see the possibility of billions who could die simply because he refuses to care. I wonder if those heroes of our pasts would consider us worthy of their work and their teachings. I wonder if the villains of our history will cry in sorrow when they see how far man has outgrown their own apatite for destruction of human souls.

In the last decade alone man has created more needs than resources for humanity to sustain it’s own existence. You don’t need to read the newspaper to tell if that’s true or not. Just looking around should do it. Man created awareness for his naked savage brother who lived in bliss without the need of clothes to cover his body. Man showed his savage brother that it’s a necessity to be clothed, to live with accessories that he considers essentials. Man gave his fellow man a sugar-coated freedom from savagery and absolute bliss for an undefined price. Slowly but surely, man created more needs and, on every single step of the way, provided his innocent fellow man an indisputably intense apatite to crave for more. And then he took away the means for him to obtain any of it. What a display of evolved intelligence. Giving birth to a new breed of heroes and villains. But all together different animals. Far more intelligent, far more greedy, far more cunning, far more resourceful, and far more hungry. All in all, a new Man is walking upon this earth, consuming what was left of the ruins of our past and what is meant for the future man.

As much as he should, he does not rattle my faith in whatever is left of this so-called humanity. I, an observer, still believe that there is some hope for this man. But when the time comes and the man finally dies, leaves behind his own legacy for the future observers to learn from, whomever will take his place is the man that troubles my thoughts. He is the man they will call ‘the collector’. Because he is the man that will demand and collect the true price of freedom. Death.