my tendencies…

It has been over a year since I wrote down anything on my blog. Some might say that isn’t unusual of me. I have a tendency to just disappear and reappear now and then. I do that all the time. Some theorize that I’m not sure of what I want and some think that I’m intentionally avoiding the world. Is that even possible in this time and state of global experimentations? Oh well what can I say.. some of them are almost right about me.

I’ve been working on a few things in my life. trying my best to improve some parts of my life and trying to exceed my own limitations. So far, everything is working out fine (to some degree). But nothing to complain about. Things that I’m working on require time. And time can be so much. But like I said, it’s all working out.

This year has certainly been different for me. I didn’t make any resolutions yet many of things that I wanted to work on, I ended up working on them. I don’t really know where all these roads going to lead my curious mind but one thing is for sure.. it will be something different for a change. Most things I do, I can predict the outcomes.. It feels good to be on a path that doesn’t really have a predictable destination. But that’s what makes it so interesting… hey… like I said.. It all works out in the end.

Anyone who’s missing me for a while because I haven’t been around.. my apologies.. I guess I did something unpredictable all over again.. Now why doesn’t that feel like a reminder to me..