Ramblings of the new year

Another year has begun.. What’s so new about it? nothing… nothing at all… I’ve noticed a few things here and there… seen a few faces that have changed… heard from people that once stopped talking and now I’m thinking.. what the hell? what is this new year for?

I’m standing at a crossroad where different paths lead me to different destinations but what is the destination that I must choose? I don’t know… I regretfully don’t know…

She’s back in my life once again.. where do we stand.. I don’t know… do I want to know? I don’t know… The only thing I know for certain is that I’m confused and lost.. there was a time when being lost didn’t make any difference in my life… it was a normal thing… but now I don’t see the point of being in this position.

Riddle me this… riddle me that… riddle me what ever u can… I don’t have any answers for you.. I don’t want to answer any more questions.. I don’t want to dwell on things that have made others wonder and I don’t want to be Mr. Know It All.. I rather be just normal and fade away with time then to be a freakin’ geneous and not be able to figure out whats going on…

Let it be they say.. it’s life they say… wow… what a stupid answer to any question.