The Value…

I haven’t had much to talk about over these few days that have come to pass; however, this does not mean that there hasn’t been any movement in life..

Ever since the beginning of this year, I’ve been trying to pull my life’s direction toward the path that I wanted to follow.. With the courage that God deserves credit for, I’m now watching this life turn into something better [as it may seem]… However, the struggle is never only about changing life’s direction.. it is about managing it and keeping it in the same path. I am no master of mind control but I do not mind the control over my life as long it is my own. It is what makes me different then a bag of flesh and bones that we may call ‘cattle’.

Some might understand the scribbles and some might just consider it a waste of time. The value, however, is not of the discovery of what is unknown to everyone… it is in discovering what truely matters… to you.