What I learned today…

[Originally written April 24, 2006]

The day turned out to be quite interesting and yet not as much as I would have hoped for. Today, Kasha, our old English Teacher Eileen, and I went out to eat an early dinner or should I consider it a late lunch. It was interesting seeing Eileen outside work considering that it wasn’t much different.

After attending my classes and dealing with the strange schedule, as it was for today only, I waited outside Eileen’s class and along came Kasha. Apparently, we were the only two students that showed up for this invitation, considering that in the end of the class there were 6 people left. We went outside for a while and waited, while conversation carried its weight and kept us occupied, half an hour later, we decided that it is best if we just start moving toward the meeting place and let the others catch up with us there. Needless so say, we were the only three people in the pub at 4:00PM.

It was quite interesting to see Kasha and Eileen outside the class rooms and the cafeterias and the parking lots of this Adult School, especially when I have never really had any other conversation with them without involving education or future career plans. I was assuming that if an unorthodox conversation did spark, we would probably be talking about general things in life and how we were coping with it. But this was not the case in this particular meeting. The topic, somehow, always remained on education, which would have been alright if I did not need a bit of a break from that particular subject of discussion.

We talked about many things and most of them, even thou intrigue me a lot, weren’t really giving me a reason to stay there and enjoy my meal. However, even in these uncalled-for topics of discussions and over-done Education related blabbering, I learned something new about both the individuals. I learned how much Kasha prefers to read things that deal with the reality of life and how she does not consider investing her time in humoring her self with Sci-fi novels. I learned how Eileen is dealing with her 15 years old daughter, who can easily be considered a prodigy if only she invested a bit of time and effort in her education, while managing to keep things going and not piling up one after the other, like in many cases.

What I learned is somewhat unrelated to the conversations that we had but it did give me an insight and a better understanding of how other people have managed to remain the way they are or to change them selves to improve the quality of their lives. It created a bit of clarity about what to expect from life when it throws its rough and cold arms around you and hold you in a tight grip which, in many cases, is hard to break. But, most of all, it affirmed my belief in the lesson that I’ve learned from so many other events in my own life—Never ever give up on life. It is valuable if you accept it and its worth a lot if you value it.