The Judgment Train

[Originally written April 22, 2006]

Is there anyone out there who has perfect sense of judgment? Especially when it comes to people? Or anyone who thinks he or she knows everything that there is to know about people to pass a judgment and say he’s right and he’s wrong or she’s right and she’s wrong about something or someone?

Anyone? Really? That’s just as I expected.

There isn’t a God forsaken soul on this planet that can claim to know it all… There isn’t a Human Being who can tell you straight up what to expect from others… It’s in our nature to exceed our own expectations whether it be in a positive manner or negative… and those who don’t get it … well… go see a therapist if that helps… because it’s as simple as it gets.

According to Christian religion, God created Adam and Eve and rented them Eden to live in… They were good people who took care of the place and didn’t make a lot of mess. They didn’t break any rules that were set up by God and God was happy. Time went by and everything was the way it was suppose to be but then… out of no where… man, the ultimate creation, got swayed by curiosity and tasted the forbidden fruit… God found out what happened and in anger, kicked out the couple…

So what happened next? The world happened next. Weren’t you paying attention?

If men and women were suppose to be perfect then yes, I can force myself to agree that there is a possibility that someone out there could be perfect in judging others and might possess the miraculous power to make the right prediction about human beings. But that can only be a fantasy and God’s Ultimate Creation isn’t perfect at all; and to expect anyone to possess perfection is another proof of the Human Imperfection.

It is in the best interest of every living thing on this planet to stop this judgment train. If there is no station where it should stop then technically there shouldn’t be a train and the station where it started its journey in the first place.