Master and the Slave

[Originally written May 02, 2006]

Man has become a slave of his own creation. Today the technology is far beyond the comprehension of human beings who lived over two hundred years ago. Back then, the only means of communication was either a face-to-face conversation or a hand written letter. The invention of Morris Code came into existence and raised ‘long distance communication’ to a whole new level. After the Morris code, came telegraph, telephone, radio and then television– the world became the ‘Global Village’.In today’s world, thanks to the advancements in communication technology and other modern sources of information, no one is out of reach and no is too far away from publicly available information. Inventions like cell phone and internet has made it possible for human beings to be connected and informed at all times. Communication has become convenient and is evolving every single day. However, this convenience has made the users of this technology dependent on it. Without a doubt, these inventions have become part of the social structure. Those who are constantly using this technology and this convenience are some what slaves to it. To them, just the idea of giving it all up or being temporarily disconnected from others, is unsettling. One this journey to advancement, man has created its own master.