In all the intensities of emotions and immunities to the attractions that I’ve felt and seen in my life, I have stopped here and I’m wondering what I’ve accomplished.

Many would wonder what the fuss is all about and many would pass by with no intention to ever finding out what had happened… Yet, I am watching the anomaly to take shape and develop, into an unknown, un-named, phenomena. It is what resonates a different pulse, scattering a different charisma, and this difference is the cause of the erratic heart beat; I’m feeling inside my chest, probably for the first time… I’m watching it take shape and I hope against what I would wish it would be. So many questions asphyxiate me into an abyss of monopolist dilemma. Is it the fear of the unknown? Or is it the difference that is creating this correlation between the two of us? I wish I knew myself, well enough, to answer those questions.