Unfamiliar Grounds…

It’s not what I expected and it’s certainly different than what I’ve seen in the past. This place is bigger and more crowded and so unfamiliar to me. I wonder how long it takes to fit in to a place like this one. Today I went to the Registration Office of the Education Evaluation Center here in Toronto. People from all sorts and backgrounds were there. Some, I could see, were new in the country and some were old. I guess most of them were shown the same dream as I was when I came here. And now that they know the reality of this system, they have decided to persue it like it’s ment to be, here in canada.

I was told by many that they register and assess at the same time and it takes about 5 hours to complete the entire process. I was mis-informed. Either that or they have changed the structure of the process. Today was just the registration and it was done in about an hour and a half. Tomorrow is the assessment and the test. Am I worried? a bit nervous? somewhat. I’m not sure what they are assessing but I have a bit of an idea. However, the question still remains. Will this be enough for me to continue my journey toward what I seek? Or is it just a small rest stop before I begin walking on the actual path? I don’t know yet. I wish I did but it’s the unfortunate truth that I’m, like many others, not sure where all this is going to lead me.

I have a basic idea and I’m aiming my direction based on the plan of attack that I’ve been working on ever since I decided to change my life. I would have loved it if they were to happen exactly as I planned but I’m sure that’s a very big assumption if I am to assume it. Sometimes, things change along the way. People change along the way. I’ve seen that happen many times. And it doesn’t surprise me anymore. We all have seen that happen. And those who don’t see or realise that the path of humankind is evolution, are not evolving anymore. They are stuck and that is the end of it. I just hope if it’s ment to change me or if it’s ment for my path to be modified or changed, I have the strength and wisdom to continue walking in the right direction and the ability to work my way toward the goals that I’ve set for my self. I am on unfamiliar grounds at the moment. But nothing remains unfamiliar for long. We just need the curiosity to discover more than what we are shown.