A New Year has Dawned…

Today is the dawn of a new year. 2006. And the past year has ended. A lot of things happened in this year. I made some new friends that I didn’t know before. Learned some new things that I wasn’t aware of. Did some new things that I wasn’t sure I would do before. Became more self aware. And in all this time it turned out to be a pretty decent year. When I look back, I look for what I’ve accomplished. And I must say that there has been quite some this year. Would it be ok for me to write all them down? Maybe.. And maybe not. Maybe I should write all of those accomplishements down. They say if you write them down, you’re just getting them out of your system. I would rather have them remain part of my memories and still write them down so they stand as a milestone in my life.

The great part about this year is that I learned who is who this year. Who are friends and who were just pretending to be. I made new friends that appeared different in the early stages of our friendship and I came to a conclusion that they are a lot more than what I thought they were. Ofcourse, it was in the positive terms that I see them part of my life. And on a pitiful notion, I also ended a few so called friendships that once I considered genuine. And I’m glad for doing that too. Cuz that was only degrading part of my life that I rather have blossom.

Launched two communities on the internet (Orkut) that are growing and are getting bigger and stronger each and everyday. I’m thankful for that. Launched the Magazine I was thinking about called Alternativ. Which is still in it’s early stages of development but doing good.

I also learned a lot of new things about playing guitar. Which is another thing I would never forget. New chords and techniques. Which has helped me to improve as a musician and a song writer. And also wrote a few good songs that are one of the best work that I’ve written so far. Well.. that’s what people are telling me. Explored two new languages and intigrating them in my music which I didn’t considered doing before. like Punjabi and English. I wrote stuff before but never really considered making songs out of them. But this past year I accomplished that as well.

Made some decisions that I know will prove to be positive ones in the long run. About re-educating my self by going back to Univertisy. About building up my credit history and saving up money for the things that I want to have in my life. And finally took a step forward. It took me sometime to realize my mistakes but I’m glad I came to a conclusion that will help me in the future. When in Rome do as the Romans do. A very simple but universal truth.

Three of my good friends found their life partners. Andrea, Rita and Shimmi. They are happy and I can see it in their eyes and their smiles. Shimmi also had a son this year. which is a good thing and some what strange to me cuz I remember HIM as a kid who didn’t wanted to get married. hehehehe. But it’s great.. I still haven’t seen the pics of the new born because i haven’t been in touch with him that much but I’m happy for him. And I wish him the best of all that is coming his way.

This year I have a lot of goals to achieve. Lots and lots of things to do. It might sound a bit cleche but I know this is going to be my year. This year I’m letting go of my fears and I’m setting up my self for a brighter and better future. What I’ve learned from all the previous days of my life is that life doesn’t wait for you to live it. It’s giving you the opportunity to live it up. But it’s upto you to avail it. And that is what I have in mind.

I grew my hair back again. 🙂 Something I wasn’t happy about when I entered 2005 but since it was for the kids who are dealing with cancer I guess I can’t complain. I have 3 more years to keep my hair long and after that I’m going to donate them again. Ofcourse to the same cause. The Cancer Society for Children. I’ve worked for the benefits of Children before. And, for now, this is my way of doing something positive for a heartbreaking situation.

The year 2005 also brought a lot of pain and suffering to the world. Natural Disasters like Katrina, Tsunami, Earth Quake in Pakistan and many other. And the only thing I can say is that I’m hoping that this year will bring some joy to the victims of these Disasters. I know many have lost their homes, their loved ones and their lives and I can only hope for the best for them. But if there’s one thing we’ve learned from all the natural and un-natural disasters and events is that Life goes on. Life will find a way.

The best of all is that I don’t have any regrets for this year. Which says a lot about this year because previously I always had some regrets, one way or the other. But not this year.. Not this time. I’m happy how it all turned out. I’m not saying there were no mishaps or mistakes or things that caused me pain. But when I look back and see all the things that turned out to be positive, I guess it doesn’t just balance it out, it exceeds negatives.

In the end I would like to say to anyone who ever reads this blog is that I’m sure you’ve had your share this year. All I can say is to look at the positive side of things. If someone hurts you, u learn from it and don’t make the same mistake. Break away connections with those who cause you pain. Why keep something close to you when it’s only remaining purpose is to hurt you. And last but not the least.. Life doesn’t wait. It has to move on and it is wise if you move with it. Sorrow or pain will eventually fade away. It might leave some scars but hey.. that’s a reminder of your strength of overcoming your odds. Welcome to the 2006. May this year be the best that you have ever lived. I know for a sure fact. It will be for me.