A world in me…

As the world is contracting day by day, I find my self standing outside and watching the show. It feels a bit weird to watch how people act and react under certain curcumstances. But on the same not, I feel good, knowing that I can watch this show and learn something from each observation. Every night seems to have grown longer and every day seems like moving too fast. Sometime it’s hard to stop a moment and observe it. Is it just me or is it really true what they say. Time gains speed as you grow older. There is no one really left to talk to and there is no one left that understands all my bablings. I guess the more you discover yourself the more alone you become. I wonder who said that self awareness is the best thing that can happen to a person.

In every man and every woman, there is a world in it’s own. And each world is filled with countless imaginations and countless realities. There aren’t much that people can see. And there aren’t much that people allow others to see. However, it doesn’t mean they exist. Some people hide these worlds from the rest of the universe so that they are the only ones who know about it. And some simply don’t know how to show it. I wonder if some one is out there whom I’ll allow to see my world, who will understand my reality. I don’t bind my self with a hope that there is one but they say we are all connected to someone. One way or the other. I wonder how much that is true. For me it’s a simple and yet complicated truth. The one who sees my world will be showing me hers. Am I ready for that? or do I like to fool my self with the idea that there is some what hope still left in me to believe that this is not an imagination. But a reality waiting to occure.