Closed Chapter.

I don’t like the idea to start off with the intention of insulting someone’s intelligence but there is a limit to what I can take. A lot of people claim that they understand me and that they understand the reason for my anger. But they don’t. In fact, they don’t even have the slightest of ideas of what goes in my mind. But ofcourse there are those who consider it a normal thing to pass a judgment without knowing the facts that surrounds a person or his or her circumstances. And too all of those who think they have the right to pass a judgment without knowing the facts from fiction.. Well… I pity you. I pity those who do not understand the basics of humanity that was meant to be part of our lives but isn’t, thanks to those who consider it a privilege to eliminate others who think in other dimensions. I pity those who take pride in eradicating the means to let our minds and our souls grow into something that is far more better than anything we have yet encounters. In simpler words. I pity those who are afraid of evolution of mankind. Just because you’re set in your ways doesn’t mean everyone else has to follow you. And just because someone is NOT following you doesn’t mean they are lunatics. I have stressed this point so many times but now I pity those who fail to understand this. In the beginning I was use to hold anger inside me for those who were so close minded that they couldn’t differentiate between a bird and a bee. But now I think I’ve seem to pity them more than anything else. And yes I consider them low lives because that’s what they are. That is exactly what a person is if he cannot see beyond a certain point and still claims there is nothing there.

I know there are those who hate me and there are those who claim to like me or even love me but the question is.. What do I feel for them? For some I feel the same way. And for some I just pity them. But unfortunately I cannot blame them. It’s not their fault that their minds are so closed. I guess that is how they were brought up and that is what they can be at their best. So as of this moment, they are nothing more then a closed chapter in my life. Something that I will not care to open again. Not because I don’t like to. Simply because, it’s just not worth it.