I was Concerned…

As I looked outside this morning, I saw the roads and the roof tops covered with the snow. Father Snow has done it again… But this time around it was different for me… For the first time I saw the snow outside the window and instead of feeling what I usually feel, which is somewhat excitement, I was concerned. It’s not that I haven’t seen this much snow before. It’s quite the opposite. I’ve had the pleasure of working outdoors while it’s -36 C and the wind-chill was making it feel like -48C. And as much as I would like to claim the glory here for being able to work 8 hours in the unbearable cold, I rather forget that I ever did participate in that event of my life. It was as cold as I have ever felt in my life but this year, this time around I’m somewhat concerned. And I couldn’t help asking my self why I’m concerned when I have seen worse. I still don’t have the answer to that question but I do know that the charm that I once had of seeing the snow falling for the first time is certainly not there anymore.

The first time I saw the snow flakes in Canada was 3 years ago. And I was excited like a little boy who’s found out that the comic book heroes that he admires are real life people. 🙂 It only takes a few more years till the senses kicks in and that little kid realized what he believed once isn’t true anymore. The first time I saw the snow falling was when I was sitting in a car while Andrea was driving. I had a smile on my face and she was angry. I looked at her and I wondered why she would show anger on such a beautiful phenomenon of nature. But today as I’m writing this, I can understand how she must have felt. It’s not that we get use to it here in Canada, infact, it’s the complete opposite. People end up hating the snow because it reduces people’s ability to live normally. I must have cleaned the car 5 times today to make sure that the driving part is easier on me but it wasn’t. The roads where I saw people driving at 100 km/h while the speed limit is 80 was covered with cars that aren’t moving faster than 40km/h and the sky that stays clear most of the year was so clouded today that it gave me the feeling as if this snow will never stop falling.

Another thing that I’ve noticed now is that I don’t consider it the beginning of winter unless I see snow. I wonder how I would act and react when I’m in Pakistan when in winters I was use to wear just a shirt and maybe once in a while a sweater. It’s a lot different than what it was use to be for me. But in a way I am happy that I know how this feels like. One more series of experiences that I will remember till the end of my days.