took some time off… or did i?

A few weeks ago I applied for a credit card. Neither to say that this was the first time I even considered having one since I don’t believe in owing any one any money. Funny thing for me is that even thou my record is pretty good when it comes to paying my bills I found my self wondering why they would ask me to deposit money. After doing a bit of research I found out that it doesn’t matter how well you are in paying your bills, if you don’t have a credit card the first time around, you’ll have to put a deposit down to get started. Yes that’s right. Get started! Now why would they say that? Pretty simple. I never had a credit card before so according to the Credit Union, I don’t have a credit history. Which results in taking it from the start. No matter how many bills I’ve paid in my life, they simply don’t give a crap. So now I am here and wondering if it’s really worth putting down a deposit and locking down 200 dollars for the rest of time. 🙂 Now that doesn’t sound right… does it? Honestly NO! it doesn’t but guess what. 200 dollars is worth putting down considering the amounts of benefits that you can have when you have a credit card. It helps in a lot of ways like buying a car, buying a house, buying something other than that and stuff… I’m not gonna go into all that because if you really want to know about all of that stuff you should just ‘google’ it. That would help you out faster and in more details than I can. 🙂


I’m working vigorously now a days. And it my sound like something most people in North America wouldn’t like to believe but I haven’t had a break from work since 4 weeks. Seriously… No breaks. No days off. after working for 10 hours every single day I’m tired… I really need a break but since this is based on a contract. I’m stuck with this schedule. I’m hoping that will end soon. But the question that comes with that is… if it ends will that throw me back on to the waiting list again? where I wait for my contract to be picked up again? Not sure.. I don’t feel like taking that other job that really doesn’t make any sense.


I’m working my ass for for now.. and it’s paying alright too.. hehehe

There are some other things that are going on in my life besides work so don’t think thats the only thing but that I’ll put up here late on.