Guilt Train..

Ok. Here I am coming home after working like crazy for the last 3 days and I sit down to check my mail and guess what I find. Emails and messages from some misguided minds who do have the concept of writing down things, but they don’t exactly know what their true meanings are.

Skimming to the part where things started to intrigue me is the concept that most of the women in the world are familiar with. Some of them even acknowledge it and most of them don’t.. “What’s with the girls and their guilt train?” yes.. “Guilt Train”. That’s what I call it. The methods and efforts of women to make men feel guilty by constantly dwelling on something to make it work in their favor. I wonder what the history books hold in side them. Do they have any documented events that shows this phenomenon of how this would have started out. Has this been happening since the beginning of man kind? Or is it something that started out just recently when women finally got most of the world to acknowledge their equality? It sounds like an interesting subject to write about as an article for my mag. “Women and their methods to make men feel guilty even if they aren’t.”

I wonder who should I assign this subject to. If I wrote on this subject then it’s a guy’s opinion. Then it doesn’t hold much water. But.. If I assign this subject to a woman. Hmmm.. Now that’s something to think about. Oh by the way.. Don’t start thinking that something is actually making me feel guilty.. Trust me.. I don’t. I don’t see the point of feeling like that when I know that I have nothing to feel guilty about. Well.. Maybe one thing. Being honest about what you feel.

Hmmm… Being honest about what someone feels… Now that’s another thought. Do people do that now a days? Or do they keep everything inside bottled up, and pretend that every thing is fine just because they didn’t wanted to hurt someone’s feelings.. Well.. It’s an interesting subject but I don’t really believe it need my devotion at the moment. Not right now anyway. Because like always, I have some other things to take care of. The only thing I would say on this particular subject is what I always say.. “I rather be honest than deceptive”. And if that hurts someone. Well.. Then I guess they should have never engaged a conversation with someone who doesn’t believe in sugar-coating this world and present it in a tray with some side dish of lies, contrary to what some people think.