Good with Bad..

“I wonder how it feels like to fly so free as a bird the open and uncharted sky? I wonder how superman feels like when he’s gliding in the wind.. But when I think about -40C in February of this country, I dont feel like I even wanna thiink about it. Who in the right mind would want to fly at that temprature?”

Another senario.. A guy sits down with his girl friend. The night is young, full moon shining at it’s glory while the wind tickles the leaves the the tree behind the bench they’re siting on and give u the silent breaking yet very contained music of the leaves clapping their hands in an unusual harmony. 🙂 He looks her eyes… oh those beautiful deep eyes.. gaurded by those long and sheltering eye lashes… and he says.. “my dog threw up this morning when I tried cleaning his teeth. “

Above are two perfect examples of how to ruin a good thing by thinking about a bad one right beside it. Sometimes, somethings gets linked with some things and even the most of the beautiful moment gets ruined. I’m sure people have others just like that. But then again…