The Differences…

A few moments ago.. I was having a discussion or more of an aurgument with someone regarding keeping differences alive based on religion. My personal view on that is that it’s sickening.. To see people still having that jammed up mentality that u can’t even be friends with people of other religions.. or have any association..

I’m surprised that watching the world turn into a global village and become more familiar with each other is bothering some people. How the hell does that work? Insted of apreciating that the world which is more connected and have learned more about the distant brothers and sisters that were aliens to them for such a long time u prefer to keep the lame differences just because some jack ass who cant wipe his ass on his own tells u that God doesn’t permit it? If u wanna talk about God then when in the hell did God gave anyone the permission to judge anyone in the first place? People who commit crimes in the name of God and say that this is what God wanted us to do.. I think they are as lame as a fucked up bum who’s high on drugs all the time.. There is NO Man who has the right to kill another even in the name of God. And if u support and upraise the differences that people have in this world based on religion. Then I guess you would support people killing people in the name of religion as well.. And if thats the case.. Well.. u need theropy and need to be locked up for good. People with that mentality shouldn’t be allowed to be part of this world that they can’t let live in peace.