Wrote another song..

Ok. back again.. was just writing another song. I think me going back to recording has given me so much motivation that automatically I’m writing more songs and actually good ones. 🙂 thanks to God for giving me the ability for doing what i do. Just a few minutes ago I started writing something.. It started out reviewing something very long that I wrote down about 5 years ago.. and just when I’m reviewing it, I started to write something relevent to that subject. Next thing I know.. that subject changed into something else and I ended up writing something completely different. And it turns out it’s a pretty catchy thing.. and how do i know that? well… I watched my sister when I was playing my guitar and singing that song. and I noticed that her feet were moving. Knowing what kinna music she listens to and what her views are on Pakistani Music. I think I got a pretty big complement. hahaha. Unlike most of the work that I have done this one actually made her feel a bit good about herself. Hmmm… looks like I’m on the verge of creating something good. 😀 Anyways.. I dont wanna jinks it before it’s even complete.

Now a days I’m trying really hard to finish off my writing and composing part for the album. Because Im really really serious this time. I have to get this done. Its been ages since I started to write songs for that album and it’s time I do something about it. Most of our work is pretty much complete on the papers.. Just need to start working on the recording part of it. Lets see how that goes this friday. Hopefully something positive will come out of that session. My bro is pretty good in his field and has a good sense of what to do with a song. So I’m hoping it’s gonna be a something good if not awesome. Anyways.. Got to go.. Got to take care of some other stuff.