And we begin again…

Status: Listening to Music
Song: Junoon’s Mein Kaun Hoon
Mood: A bit relieved.
Reason: We started working on the music tracks again.

After a very very long time, me and yaz finally sat down to talk about the future of our band dehek. And after talking to him I realised that he is as anxious to get the album on the completion as I am. We sat down, we first talked about what the plan of attack is. And after working on that for about an hour we started working on some old stuff that we started but couldn’t finish the last time around. I finally ended up doing the vocals of one of our new songs “Chaar Diwaari” and it turned out pretty good. Even thou the music wasn’t complete, I still managed to finish off the vocal parts.. By the way. Just to make it better I’ll be doing the vocals again to make sure that it comes out to be perfect for the final mix.

It took me a while to get back into the scene as it’s been quite sometime since I recorded my vocals. Honestly? I thought I wasn’t pulling my weight at first and was a bit dis-hearted.. I thought maybe I’ve lost my touch. But I guess it was the absence of jamming and practice that threw me back because after a practice round, I finished off the track with grace.. And felt good about the work. I still think that I could have done better but anyways.. For now the vocals are done and once Ez is gonna take care of his part with the synth and the bass guitar and drums and dholak are recorded, I’ll redo the vocals to give it the last touch. I’m sure by that time I’ll be in a lot more better condition than today.

Recording after such a long time felt so good and that wasn’t the only reason for me that I’m back in the seat. I was happy and anxious at the same time because I finally see that we are moving ahead after a long break of over 10 months with no production.. And it wasn’t just me, Yaz was also feeling a bit confident than the times I met him before 🙂 I also told him about that very first punjabi song I’ve written and he loved the lyrics. All of the people/friends who have read the lyrics are actually waiting for me to complete that track and bring it up on the internet or release it in the market. I’m hoping they like the end product. 🙂

‘Ki Puchday Ho’ is the 3rd track that we are planning to do because we have 2 unfinished tracks that we have to complete before moving on to this one. I’m looking forward to see this punjabi item thou. It’s very unlikely for me to write something in this language as it’s definately not my first language. Yes it’s true that my parents speak this language fluently but I’m not the fluent one. But I think I’m gonna be enjoying this experiment. 🙂 Lets see if I can truely capture the mood of that song in the composition that I’ve been making. On paper I’m making it Semi Eastern Classical, Semi Jazz/Rock. But I’m still not very sure what the end result is going to be once we are done with it. Becuz it always tends to change a bit once it gets off the board and on the tracks. Mostly for the better. Yaz has a good touch with Jazz/Rock and he’s very interested in doing this experiment just like me. So lets see what happens this upcoming Friday. As I’m hoping for the bass guitars to be done by then and hopefully that day we’ll be done with synth as well unless there is a change of plan later on. For now I’m leaving my mind open to all ideas that comes to me.

Most of the time people think it’s easy to do an album. Atleast 10 years ago thats what everyone thought. But no one really understands the true hardship what a band or an individual has to go through in the process of this creation. It’s not easy at all.. Once u get to see the formation of your work into something solid, thats when u understand what it’s worth. It may not be worth a penny to anyone else but to u it’s your work and your soul thats being poured out. A lot of people sing. A lot of people write. and I dont say that they dont pour out the essense of themselves in it because without that u simply can’t do anything. Becuz if thats not the case then it’s like a job u really hate but have to do becuz ur providing for your family. It sucks! And music isn’t anything without your own essence in it. Ever since I was a child I wanted to know what this was all about. Because this is the only one thing that truely touched me from the inside out. To most it maybe something fun and not a real job but I can’t imagine my life with out it. It just wont be me anymore..