I met a fan today.

Alright.. Today something a bit funny happened.. I was at work and for some reason I had to go and visit someone at their house. I got there and we started talking a bit and in between that I told him about my band Dehek, the guy was a bit surprised to see me. Turns out he’s a fan and then he asked me for an autograph. 🙂 Anyways.. I gave him the autograph and he asked me for my email address on msn. I gave him that and then when I got home turns out he has already added me. Anyways.. he said Hi again and then says.. “u know my mom is hooked on to your song” lol.. hahaha. that was a bit unusual for me to hear from someone.. and then the guy drops a bomb on me and says. It was really a big thing that a personality like me has visited him at his home and that he wont be able to sleep tonight knowing that he met me today. There he was telling me about all this and I’m laughing my head off.. hahaha. Even now i can’t help but smile when I’m writing this. How unusual it turned out thats what I’m thinking of. Who would have thought that I go out for work and meet a fan like that.. A friend of mine thought he’s just buttering me up for something. hehehe.. well she could be right too.. but as long as I dont know that.. I’m kinna enjoying this. 🙂 It sort of reminds me of that girl who was use to send me flowers at work after listening to me play once at a friend’s birthday party. I guess just when u think life couldn’t hold a surprise for u, u end up getting another one.