back on memory lane.

A few moments ago, I was watching the movie called “The Butterfly Effect”. I loved the movie but just when it was about to end, just at the last scene, something triggered an emotion that I thought I finally had under control. Ah… I started to feel the same way as the day I left my life behind.. I don’t know why but it happened again. I started to think about all the things and everything that relates me to her.. *sigh* I thought I finally have gotten over it……. I guess I haven’t. I’m sure that I won’t be watching that movie ever again. Even thou it is a good one, somehow I think I don’t want to feel that way ever again. Sometimes u have to sacrifice something that matters to u the most in order for everyone to be happy and stable. I guess that movie reminded me of that once again. Even thou I shouldn’t regret what happened 3 years ago… I can’t help but feel this way. I go back to the memory lane from time to time and all I can gather from it is the sorrow that I feel today.. People tell me that I shouldn’t keep those memories.. But how can I not? Thats all that is left in my mind. A faded picture of a smile that could bring back life in me no matter what I’ve been through. I guess I shouldn’t think more about it anymore.. cuz that only makes it worse.