a different side of someone.

last night’s dinner was great. It was a bit more expensive than what I thought it to be. $77.75. but I guess it’s fine. Since I don’t spend that much money on dinner probably once a year. 🙂 Unless it is with some really close person. Me and Rita talked for quite sometime before we ordered a meal. And in that 6 hour window I figured out a lot of things about what the whole deal of dating in the forties is like. Quite honestly I wasn’t sure what it would be like if I was 40-ish and dating someone. She’s got a boyfriend who’s doing alright. But based on what I observed from her. She isn’t that much into him. I guess thats what u’ll think when she tells u that if they break up then she will not have any regrets or remorse. She said that she might feel sorry for the guy. hmmm.. thats interesting.. Does that mean she thinks she is too good for him? or does it mean that she does more for him than anyone else? Frankly, I have no freakin’ clue. But I know this much. She went back to dating after a very long time and if this is what she thinks of her boy friend than I guess I don’t know women as good as I thought I did.

Rita and I go back atleast 3 years.. We were use to work together and had a good time there at the office. Even thou she was my supirior, she always had questions about things that she wanted me to answer. And I gladly did, since we were friends before she was apointed my supervisor. But based on what I know about her. I think she’s lucky to have Brian as a boyfriend. It’s true that I don’t know Brian at all. I haven’t even met the guy. But she seems a lot more happier and clear headed as she was before. But how do you know what a person is truely like? They say that if you spend time with them, you get to know them better. And me and Rita spent a lot more time together than brian and rita has so far. I guess long hours at work demanded that from both of us. But if this is how u get to know a person. Anyways.. The conclusion of the dinner with Rita was that there are still a lot of things that I don’t know about the people I’m close to. Maybe it’s because I haven’t spent time with them as much as one should in order to know someone in that much detail. Or maybe when you’re dating someone. You get to see another side of that person. The side that was either not available to be shown to every one else or it just got created. I have no idea which analysis would fit in better. But I would like to know how far this depth of creativity goes. Hmmm… Maybe I’ll have to observe this from the inside of the circle. Insted of the outside.