An Usual Turn Of Events

Alright.. just a few moments ago I had a fight with one of my friends.. she doesn’t get it.. she thinks that controlling everything and everyone around her is the way to go.. well.. I’m sorry but I didn’t know that dictatorship is a loveable charming act. And to top it all, it’s like she is passing a judgement that I’m guilty of using profanity in a discussion forum. where people simply don’t get their heads out of their behinds and see the world in a different light. Girls do this. Girls do that.. Men are better because that’s what Islam teaches.. whatever!!!! I doubt any religion teaches that a women is meant to be lower than a man.

Anyways back to the original point I’m trying to make here.. A discussion about why Extra Marital Affairs Happen had this little art work written in there.. some Geniuses idea of bring out facts.. “This situation comes to those couples who used to have bf’s and gf’s in their teenage or before marriage” and my reply to that was “There are good points here that you guys have mentioned. But the one about dating before marriage leading to EMA. That’s just Bull Crap.” so I wrote “Bull Crap” and that’s profanity to her.. I could have said a lot of stuff that IS profanity but instead I censored up my word and use crap instead of writing down shit! and that, somehow, is crossing my lines and becoming too offensive to the Aquarius Shrink. So there we were and a judgement was passed.. “Such explicit language is not considered emotional outbursts and is not wanted on this forum. “ Fine by me.. I’m never going back to that Hitler’s Hen House again..

But just to be clear.. If you’re trying to achieve a better standard of life where people have a very censored life style and everyone is tucked in the sheets of mesmerizing beauty that comes from a culture of two faced individuals, who consider the OLD days of the world to be the best times… where women and individuality has no rights? well then suck on a lollypop and get in line to join “Saddam Hussein Bachelor degree of dictatorship” I’m sure u’ll be a fine Jack Asses!! when u come out.