Close Enough..

I’ve had an incident in my life where I got too much emotionally involved in a song and couldn’t record anything for hours.

I’m sitting in front of my laptop. Got my headphones on. Listening to Hotel California Live version. I don’t know what is about this song that makes me cling to it every time I play music. I guess it’s the way the song is written. I guess it’s the story behind the lyrics. The more I think about the song, the more i listen to it the more I want to know what the writer was feeling when he wrote this. And another thing that shakes me in my seat is the composition. I mean.. what were they thinking at that time? Honest to God I have no clue. But I know it would have hurt a hell lot more than what it represents. I wonder what the whole part of this creation would have been like. I guess I somehow feel it too. Maybe not as closely as they would have felt. But close enough.