The First and The Final.

The First Look. Stuning.
The First Hello. Polite.
The First Smile. Beautiful.
The First Time She Spoke. Sweet Voice.
The First Spark. Unfamiliar and Complicated.
The First Touch. Electrifying.
The First Question. Silly.
The First Answer. Funny.
The First Conclusion. Unique.

So much is fading away from my memories. All of which I hold precious because thats all what is left.
So much I wish I could experience just one more time, before this life ends.
So much that can’t be brought back because it’s now just history.

I kept telling my self. I wont change. I wont change. No matter what happens. I will remain the same.

I’ve changed. I’m not the same person anymore. And that hurts even more.

I wish to forget everything… Everything.. There isn’t much I can keep with me anymore.. All is connected together. No.. I can’t keep all that in.. It hurts a lot..

Why? Why? and Why? COMON!!!!!!! is there even one answer?????

Why is it so hard to move on??.. i managed it once.. why can’t I do it again???

it’s part of a time frame. I want to remember just that… the rest please… take it away….

It’s cold. It’s windy. I’m there on top. Trying to fall down.. But just before that.. I want to scream!!

I can’t. I have no voice anymore…

Where is it taking me?

what is this?

I like this shadow…

But it doesn’t belong to me..

It’s part of that darkness.

It’s cold. It’s wet.

I dont think I’m breathing anymore..

The First Tear.. Heart Breaking.
The First Request.. Breath Taking.
The First Fight.. Unforgettable.
The First Hug.. Fulfilling.
…………. *sign*

The Final Look. Unforgettable.
The Final Goodbye. Unforgettable.
The Final Smile. Unforgettable.
The Final Time She Spoke. Unforgettable
The Final Spark. Unforgettable
The Final Touch. Unforgettable
The Final Question. “Will you be Back?”
The Final Answer. “Yes”
The Final Conclusion. I can’t