Another number to the years in my life.

Yesterday I turned 26. Even thou it’s not a very big number but for me it’s something.. It means I’m only 4 years away from being 30. I can hardly believe that it’s been so long ago that I was 20 years old. Life surely changes.. I remember the time when I was about to leave Pakistan.. I was 22 and was going to turn 23 in afew days.. And today it’s a completely different story.. It’s not that age makes a big difference. I looked like I was 28 when I was 21 so.. it’s not something that scares me that much. But when I think about 26 years of time that I’ve spent the way I have.. It feels so wasted.. Maybe I’m feeling like there isn’t much I can do about the time.. Maybe it’s just a temporary thing.. Maybe it’s because of the environment I am in.. I can’t say.. There can be a lot of reasons so I’m not bothing thinking what the reasons are..

What can I do to make this year for me to be a great year.. This year I have a lot of things I want to achieve.. I hope that I can. I surely want to.. but I’m not entirely sure if I can unless I can pay for all that.. hehe. Money does come in after all.. When I was a little dude I didn’t know that money would matter that much. but I guess it does when it comes to necessities. Anyways.. I hope what I have in mind and what I have planned out for this year of my life. I can always give it a try. Lets see…